Cholesterol Management (PROJECT LIPID)

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At TRENTSIDE MEDICAL GROUP we keen to do everything we can to help prevent disease in our patients.  High cholesterol is one of the factors which can increase cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes.

Guidance on the way we should manage cholesterol in primary care has recently changed.  This is particularly important for those who have already got cardiovascular disease (CVD) as it can prevent further heart attacks and strokes.  New treatments are available, and we now aim for certain parts of your cholesterol profile to be below specific numbers (non HDL < 2.5 and LDL < 1.8).

To ensure we offer the best and most suitable treatment to each of our patients we are conducting PROJECT LIPID.  This will involve contacting all patients who are known to have CVD, and either have not had a blood test for cholesterol in the last 9 months or those whose last cholesterol test was above the target value. They will be invited to attend surgery for a cholesterol test, and an up-to-date liver and kidney test.

Following this blood test, your result will be checked by a clinician and you will be contacted if a change in medication is required.

If you have been contacted to book your blood test, please phone reception at a non-busy time (mornings 10-12 and afternoons after 3) and quote PROJECT LIPID.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have recently seen a clinician who has changed your cholesterol controlling medication and advised a repeat blood test 3 months later, please wait for that date to repeat your blood test.

If you do not wish to take part in PROJECT LIPID, please contact reception and let us know.  We will contact each person up to 3 times to offer this opportunity.