Mirena Coil

From March 2024, it has been advised by the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health that Mirena coils can be used for 8 years for contraceptive purposes (the last year is unlicensed). 

Levosert is currently licensed for 6 years

As a result of this guidance, we will be updating our recall system to reflect these new national guidelines.   

Anyone who has a Mirena coil fitted prior to age 45 years and is not using the Mirena as part of HRT will be contacted for their coil change at 6 years rather than the 5 years discussed when their coil was fitted.   

To summarise, please find below how long MIRENA coils can be used for: 

Contraception fitted in a female less than 45 years –  6 years. 

Contraception fitting in a female 45 years or older – 10 years 

As part of HRT- 5 years 

There has been no change to the use of all copper coils. 

An update following on from the work we did last year when the UK started using both Levosert and Mirena Coils for 6 years for contraception: On 11th January 2023, the faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health released guidance that the MIRENA COIL should be changed at 8 years when used for contraception.

We have text every patient a link to this page and will update the recall system accordingly. At this stage the LEVOSERT COIL is still licensed for 6 years, but this is being looked into and may also change to a 8 year license in the future.

Please note you can request to have your Mirena changed after 6 years if you start having problematic bleeding. However, this will require a telephone consultation with one of our fitters prior to booking.