Mirena Coil

From March 2023, it has been advised by the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health that Mirena coils can be used for 6 years for contraceptive purposes (the last year is unlicensed). 

As a result of this guidance, we will be updating our recall system to reflect these new national guidelines.   

Anyone who has a Mirena coil fitted prior to age 45 years and is not using the Mirena as part of HRT will be contacted for their coil change at 6 years rather than the 5 years discussed when their coil was fitted.   

To summarise, please find below how long MIRENA coils can be used for: 

Contraception fitted in a female less than 45 years –  6 years. 

Contraception fitting in a female 45 years or older – 10 years 

As part of HRT- 5 years 

There has been no change to the use of all copper coils.