Netherfield Children’s Centre

145 Victoria Rd, Netherfield, Nottingham NG4 2HU

Phone: 0015 977 3751

Visit the website here.

Children’s Centres can offer one to one or group support with:

  • the emotional health of you or your child
  • playing with your child
  • children’s behaviour
  • domestic abuse
  • children’s development, including listening and communication
  • feeding your child
  • increasing your confidence and help to get a job
  • preparing for a baby

We can give you information about other services, and our groups are a great place to meet other parents and carers with young children. There are also lots of volunteering opportunities – ask at your local Children’s Centre or use the contact details below to find out more

Regular Groups  – Please Note: these session details are Pre-COVID, for current information please contact your local Children’s Centre using the contact details below

Under 1s Group, Tuesdays 10.00-11.30am

BABES Breastfeeding Group, Wednesdays 9.00 -11.00am

Come along and meet other breastfeeding and pregnant women, you can also receive support from a trained Breastfeeding Peer Supporter.

Stay and Play, Fridays 10.00-11.30am

Come along to one of our play sessions, with a variety of activities for your children (0 up to 5 years) to enjoy whilst learning and developing important skills.


Mondays 1.00 – 4.00pm

The Children’s Centre can also offer support with:

  • Meeting other parents/carers
  • Emotional health
  • Children’s development
  • Children’s behaviour
  • Children’s emotional health
  • Playing with your child
  • Domestic abuse
  • Family life
  • Preparing for a baby
  • Understanding your child
  • Feeding your baby/child
  • Financial advice and support
  • Help to get a job
  • Volunteering with us
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Signposting to other services
  • Listening and communications

Parents/carers can request support by speaking to staff at the Children’s Centres or in groups or telephoning